Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Statement from Living With Lions

By: Lauren Miller

Let's be honest. I probably don't know enough about this situation to be posting this, but it has to do with freedom of speech and seeing as I am a huge supporter of freedom of speech I find it important to pass along this little controversy regarding Living with Lions new album Holy Shit.

Apparently there was some controversy over the choosen album artwork for said new album, which was released May 17th. Posted below is the statement released from the band yesterday May 24, 2011.

A statement from Vancouver’s Living With Lions, regarding the recent controversy over the artwork to the band’s new album “Holy Shit” (Adeline Records):
The content of our artwork for our new recording was created out of our passion for satire and absurdist humor. The lyrical and musical content of this record does not contain any commentary on religion, nor does it use a pejorative or malicious voice against any particular group of people (excluding possibly some of our ex-girlfriends).

When the idea came up to simply alter the artwork for HOLY SHIT without having to expedite the repayment to FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings), we chose to entirely return the money so that HOLY SHIT can forever remain true to the original format.

The debate about government funding contributing to potentially controversial art is neither new nor truly resolved; but when the offended public complains, the politicians habitually remind groups like FACTOR, the NEA and the Arts Council that they can pull the plug rather than encourage discourse or scholarly debate.

We would like to thank our fans, friends and family for their continued support.  We'd especially like to thank some of our newer fans in the media whose stance(s) on free speech has been really influential:

"Only a fool would think that censoring and gagging someone is equivalent of changing their mind." - Ezra Levant

"I'm a mad believer in free speech and standing up to those who want to stifle free speech and impose standards of expectations." - James Moore

-          Living with Lions, May 24th 2011

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