Thursday, June 30, 2011

California Dreams Tour- A Visual Wonder

BY: Lauren Miller
On July 15th 2011 Katy Perry took the stage at Merriweather Post Pavilion just three years since she first graced the same stage during the Vans Warped Tour. The difference. This time she was much more well known and didn't have to share the stage with various other acts.

I had heard many different opinions of how Katy Perry was live before this show. Many were negative, but I decided to give her a shot anyway. While both of her openers were forgettable, Katy's performance was anything but.

Sometimes I wonder whether people know the difference between a bad singer and bad sound when they critique shows. Katy's voice was perfection on every song she sung.

While her singing was awesome, what truely made the show special were the visuals. The show was set up like a story book with Perry venturing through a candy coated world looking for her true love- the baker's boy along with her cat Kitty Purry. The story also made for a good distraction for the audience during her many costume and set changes.

The set very much looked like a vision out of Willy Wonka. Bright colors and candy illusions decked the stage making it feel like we were watching a life sized version of Candy Land. While her bra did not shoot out whipped cream, Katy did have a few canons that shot a watery/soapy substance that looked a lot like whipped cream.

Overall this tour definitely has the potential to be the best tour of the summer (yes, it was better than NKTOBSB!). Make sure to check out Katy's California Dreams tour when it rolls into your town!

For more pictures from the show click here.

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