Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quote of the Day

Life's two important questions are why and why not.
The important thing is to know which one to ask."
-Shania Twain

This quote might be a little bit paraphrased. But I was watching the OWN channel this afternoon (don't judge) and Shania was talking about her journey around the country to refind her voice. She was talking about the different things she was doing and contemplating about and how it was important to ask yourselve why and why not when doing or not doing things or why things do or do not happen to us.

I really liked her perspective on life. Shania has been through so much and now she's working to rebuild what she formerly had. I think even for a person who hasn't been through as much heartache as she has it's important to look at the why and the why not. It's important to analyze why things are happening in order to understand them and to understand why they are happening to us.

Alright Rev Run moment over for the day. Come back tomorrow for another amazing quote!

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