Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dancing Crazy With Miranda Cosgrove

By: Lauren Miller

Usually I'm not a very lucky person. But lately my luck with contests seems to have changed *knock on wood*.

For those who don't know I love iCarly. Like legit I watch this show every day. Further, of course, I love the stars of iCarly. When I found out that Miranda was coming back to a place that was within driving distance I knew I had to go. But since I'm trying to save money to move to Nashville I was in a pickle. I took a chance and entered this Facebook and Twitter contest she's having where she gives away two sets of ticket for every show.

I never thought I'd win, but as Justin says, Never Say Never. The problem was that I won the tickets only two days in advance so I couldn't get off work for the show. Since I worked until 7, the venue is an  hour and a half from my work, and the show was from 7:30-9:45 my odds weren't looking good for being able to see the show. I decided to take a chance any way and I figured if I only got to see 5 songs at least they were free and I could say I saw Miranda. That's basically what happend.

As my friend and I walked into the venue Miranda was belting out her song "Shakespeare" (one of the songs from iCarly). As we made our way through the sea of 8 year olds we entered a familiar world of pre teen girls who's biggest care was who made the cover of PopStar magazine.

Although Miranda might not be the best vocalist I've ever seen, but that doesn't mean the show doesn't deserve props. From the lights to the sparkly bright clothes to the awesome graphics Miranda's show was like a burst of cotton candy goodness for my eyes and ears. Out of all the preteen oriented artists I've seen her show was definitely the most cute and age appropriate. She really stuck to the idea that most of her audience is under the age of 15, but at the same time her show wasn't so fluffy that the parents and older fans were turned off.

Overall I would definitely recomend Miranda's Dancing Crazy tour for anyone who's a fan of Nick or Disney and a good, old fashioned, classic pop show. And if you have Facebook or Twitter I highly recomend checking out her contest to win tickets.

Have you been to a Dancing Crazy show? Share your experience below! :)

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