Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Love Selena Gomez Like A Love Song, Baby

BY: Lauren Miller

I really wanted to do one wrap up review of the Teen Choice Awards, but maybe it's time I do a mid award show rant. Since it looks like my entire time line is full of people hating on her, I have to defend my girl Selena.

#1 Winning Awards

Ok, I get how huge that would have been for Allstar Weekend to win choice love song. Amazing. I would have been so proud to see a band I've been following for over a year win a national, televised award. It would have been huge. But, obviously they weren't going to win. And I mean isn't it a big honor to have been nominated in the first place?

#2 Her Performance

So, Selena isn't the best vocalist ever. She certainly isn't giving Adele a run for her money. BUT Selena literally just started this singing thing, professionally anyway. In the last year that she's been serious about it with Selena Gomez and the Scene she has gotten SO much better.

Regardless of whether she's a good singer Selena is one of the sweetest girls in the business. Everyone always gives her such a hard time for being a fame whore, for being untalented, for being a slut; someone on my timeline said it best the girl can't even sneeze without getting hate. And it's seriously so true!

How would you feel if every time you attempted to do something, or showed up somewhere, or a picture of you showed up in a magazine people talked smack about you? I'd feel pretty crappy about myself. I'd be feeling even more crappy about myself if I was the one talking crap about her.

Rant over, for now. Are there any artists out there that you think don't get the love they deserve? Show them some love here!

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