Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Survived!

Warped Tour at Columbia, Maryland in Review
BY: Lauren Miller

This summer I attended my first ever Vans Warped Tour show. I had no idea what to expect from the infamous all day music festival -except for sunburn, which I got!

I was kind of bummed that I was starting my Warped attending with this year because I honestly only knew like three bands on the tour, and from what I previewed of the other bands I wasn't so sure the line up was for me. I took some advice from some friends and just went with it. I'm glad I did for several reasons.

All the chaos started at the drive down. The line of cars for the exit was like a mile long. Luckily I conquered that exit; I don't know if I could have contained my excitement that long. When I pulled into the parking lot I had never seen that many half naked teenagers in once place at one time in my life.

Commentary Break: Why even bother wearing clothes?

Sometimes I wonder if girls think. And further if parents think since 95% of these girls were under 18.

I understand that it's hot out. I understand girls want to look hot out. But seriously considering most of the people attending Warped are drunk or stoned males I personally wanted to cover up just a little bit so as not to get molested. Maybe that's just me.

Furthermore what's with these girls crowd surfing in string bikinis? Don't girls have ANY respect for their bodies/selves any more?

End Commentary Break

The whole day was just a swarm of so much activity to soak in. If you're a fan of people watching, Warped provides for some of the most interesting characters out there. But this blog is about music, not people watching, so moving on.

I think the biggest thing I really got out of Warped is how awesome music is. How dumb is that statement? But really, it was so cool to see so many different kinds of music (sure most of it was screamo, but there was also some alternative & pop in there) playing in one place. All the bands and crew and support and everyone on this tour really gained some huge respect from me. I mean I saw a guy showering with a "solar shower" aka a plastic bag with a tube outside and that was his shower for the day. To take a shower like that is some extreme dedication to one's art.

I also really took away that other genres are just as cool as my favorites. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to go out to a screamo fest tomorrow, but it was really eye opening to watch D.R.U.G.S.'s set. The way that they draw, keep, and entertain a crowd is just fantastic. The only other band that filled almost the entire ampitheater with fans was Simple Plan. As artists I have a new respect and idolization for these bands of other genres.

Overall, if you haven't been to Warped I highly recomend it for any lover of music. For $40 you get a sea of music and interesting people. There are dozens of opportunities to meet the bands and rub elbows with band members in the crowds. Even if you think the line up isn't for you I venture to say that it is smart to go for even half a day just to look around and feel the experience. But take my advice and lather on the suncreen. Almost two weeks later and I am STILL peeling from my Warped sun burn.

Did you attend Warped Tour this year? Let us know what your favorite moment was or your favorite performance you saw.

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