Thursday, September 29, 2011

Demi Lovato- Skyscraper Dancing With The Stars Results

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Allstar Weekend- Blame It On September On Regis and Kelly

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Just a Little Recommendation

If you love books and haven't checked out the site yet, then you are very behind on the times my friends. Amazon may be the place to buy cheap, used textbooks, but Bookperks is the place to go to get great deals on new books. The great part is that many of these books are signed or come with other special goodies. For example right now there's a deal to get Kendra's new book Being Kendra signed for $24.99. 

There is even an opportunity to earn rewards if you get your friends to sign up for BookPerks (That's probably where you come in!). If you want to check out BookPerks for yourself comment or email me ( your email address and I'll get an invitation sent to you! 

Nww Video From the Band Lydia

Check them out on tour this fall!

Oct 06            The Conservatory   Oklahoma CityOK
Oct 07            Emo's AustinTX
Oct 08            Jack's Patio Bar       San Antonio, TX (with All Get Out)
Oct 09            The Loft        DallasTX (with All Get Out)
Oct 11  Back Booth  OrlandoFL (with All Get Out)
Oct 12  1982 Bar       GainesvilleFL (with All Get Out)
Oct 13 Vinyl AtlantaGA (with All Get Out)
Oct 14 Sector 7G      AugustaGA (with All Get Out)
Oct 15 Blind Tiger   GreensboroNC (with All Get Out)
Oct 16 Talking Head Lounge        BaltimoreMD
Oct 18 Jammin' Java          ViennaVA
Oct 19 North Star Bar        PhiladelphiaPA
Oct 21 Middle East Club    CambridgeMA
Oct 22            Ollie's Point AmityvilleNY
Oct 23            Maxwell's     HobokenNJ
Oct 25 Grog Shop Cleveland HeightsOH
Oct 26  The Pike Room at The Crofoot   PontiacMI
Oct 27 Beat Kitchen            ChicagoIL
Oct 28            Blue Moose Tap House     Iowa CityIA
Oct 29            7th St. Entry            MinneapolisMN
Nov 01 University of Colorado: Club 156            BoulderCO
Nov 03 Launchpad  AlbuquerqueNM
Nov 04 Martini Ranch        ScottsdaleAZ
Nov 05 The Roxy     Los AngelesCA

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Commercial

LAST CALL Announce Upcoming Tour Dates with Born Without Bones, Pentimento, Young English

Ever Want To Be In A Music Video?

Here's your shot! Check out this press release from Hawthorne Heights:

We're working on a video for our song "OCEANS" and we need YOUR help.  "OCEANS" is about missing a loved one who has been deployed.  We want to include videos from YOU, our fans.  Send us a short video of you holding up a picture of your friend or family member that's deployed and tell us a little about them and how you miss them.  If you happen to be deployed, send us video of you holding up a picture of your family or loved one back home.

-All videos must be shot in HD (iPhone and Android video cameras work good enough for this)
-Videos must be shot horizontally (vertically shot videos will not be used)
-Videos must be shot against a solid and plain background
-Film yourself for 30 seconds - talk for 15 seconds about your loved one and say nothing for the remaining 15 seconds.

Email your video to:

By submitting your video, you give us permission to use your voice and image as part of this video and promotions for our song "Oceans" and our album "Hate".

Thank you!

Hawthorne Heights

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let's Get Out And Play

BY: Lauren Miller

Saturday Nickelodeon is having an initiative to help try to get kids more active by blacking out their programing for a few hours in the afternoon to encourage kids to get out and play. In addition Nick is also hosting a World Wide Day of play right in the heart of DC and guess who will be there covering it for you guys?

I know a lot of you don't live in the DC Metro area or have access to the area so I want to try to bring as much of the National Play Day experience to you as I can. Starting at 8 am I'll be live tweeting from my personal Twitter @laurenmarkrep. Make sure to follow me on there if you wanna see all the fun. And if you're at the World Wide Day of Play event make sure to come find me! I'll have tons of Tune Into L rubber bracelets to give away!

Avery- Go Screw Yourself Official Music Video

Everyone Needs A Little Advice, Even Me

I'm not very good at ask for advice...or help...or really asking for anything at all. I'm what I like to call dangerously independent without a chance of turning it around. But I'm also addicted to Pop Culture and Reality TV and Celebrities. So whenever a book by one of my favorite stars comes out, I'm there buying it whether I'm interested in the subject or not. 

Lo's book, however, I was extremely excited for. I even sat through a live chat she held during the release week for the book. Of course it took me awhile to get around to reading it (thank god for all those rainy, crappy days that gave me a lot of time to read).

What I really liked about Lo's advice book was that I never once felt like she was talking down on me. Some advice books have that feeling of talking to a psychologist or my mother. While I love motherly advice and maybe a shrink wouldn't be such a bad idea, it's sometimes nice to get advice from someone my age. Yeah sure I could go to my friends for dating advice, but some stuff is just too darn embarrassing. I don't want to look like a complete relationship failure to my friends. I'd rather they think I'm just a strong, independent girl who doesn't need a man.

What I also liked was how easy to read her book was. What will be nice in the future is how good of a reference or refresher book this will be because it is set up in a way that you can easily find advice on whatever you're having problems with. Maybe you need help finding better guys. Or maybe you need help figuring out what type of girl you are. Or maybe you just need a really good Mac & Cheese recipe. (Seriously, there's recipes too!)

If you're looking for a good girl book and a nice fun, light read Lo Bosworth's first book effort is a must read!

Check it out and let me know what you think below. Also, if you need advice make sure to email questions, concerns, etc to I'm trying to start a little advice column here at Tune Into L and I need questions! 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Such A Disadvantage

BY: Lauren Miller

So today I had my first full weekend day off of the new school semester. And for once I didn't have a concert planned. While it would have been smart of me to plow through some reading. Or maybe clean my room. I did neither of these things. Instead I sat and finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for the first time, ever (seriously). I'm not even lying. I've never read the Harry Potter books before. And really I've only seen bits and pieces of all but like the first three movies. I know, how am I a kid of the nineties, right?

When I was younger I was one of those children who wasn't aloud to read Harry Potter. And really I had no real interested in the books. Nor did I have an interest in the movies until one day a few months ago when I had nothing better to do but sit down and watch a bit of the Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family. Like I said I only caught maybe three movies, but damn were those movies great! The imagination that not only J.K. Rowling needed to create the stories and the scenes and the people, but that the watcher (and reader) needed to sink their eyes and minds into these stories is incredible. Seriously, I hadn't been in such a state of wonderment towards a story in such a long time.The same goes for the books, which is definitely why I spent an entire afternoon in Hogwarts. But I feel like something was missing.

I have this rule to never see a movie based on a book until I read the book unless the book is something I absolutely know I'm never going to read. I feel like I want to create my own characters and scenes and such in my head with the aid of the author's pen, not Hollywood's lens. I find it interesting and an exercise for the imagination (woah, deep phrase there!) to imagine said things with my own imagination. In the end I find it fun to compare my vision with the movie's vision. But, of course, for Harry Potter I was at a disadvantage for my imagination. While my images were much more cartoony than the live action movie, the characters of Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked very much like Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson. I just feel like I was at a disadvantage for reading this book. Hopefully after I get through books two and three I will finally enter some story line territory that will be new to me so I can still have a little bit of fun with imagining my own Hogwarts adventures, as told by J.K. Rowling.

And hopefully I can be a little more proactive for this Hunger Games series!

Does anyone else not like seeing a movie before they read a book? Let me know below!