Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Check Out This Cool Project For a Recording Studio in DC

Viva Go-Go Studio Applies for Funding From the Pepsi Refresh Project

(Washington DC)- Viva Go-Go Studio needs your help to gain funding from the Pepsi Refresh Project this fall! The funding will allow Viva Go-Go Studio to open in the Washington DC area. It will be a recording studio to create a place where children and the community can learn to record music and learn about different types of music genres.

The Pepsi Refresh Project grants funding to the top submitted ideas each month. The winning ideas will help better communities around the world with projects in a variety of categories including the arts, music and education.

Washington DC was the birthplace of Go-Go music. The Viva Go-Go Studio plans to use the local resources of the Go-Go genre and involve local Go-Go musicians in the project. The Viva Go-Go studio however, will not be limited to Go-Go music. All musicians, rappers and singers will be invited to use the recording studio.

By providing a place where community members can enhance their talent and learn about music, the Viva Go-Go studio will encourage the musical arts and Go-Go to grow in the metro DC area.


To learn more about the Pepsi Refresh Project and Viva Go-Go studio, visit facebook.com/vivagogo or follow @VivaGoGoStudio on Twitter.

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