Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hey Monday Announces Holiday ep

According to their Facebook the ep will be available on December 6th. The tracks are Shafted, Mix Tape, For Christmas, Without You, and Oh Holy Night.

I can't wait. I for one love new Christmas music!

Taylor Swift Christmas Ornaments

This just popped up on my Facebook news feed and I thought I'd share with my fellow Swifties. Check out these super cute Taylor Swift Christmas Ornaments available now at http://store.taylorswift.com/. I think my Christmas list just got longer!

A Special Night With Demi Lovato Soundcheck- Fix a Heart

I can't even with this girl. So amazingly talented. I feel blessed to have been able to attend a show on her current tour and further to be able to participate in her soundcheck.

More videos, pictures, and a review are coming soon. Youtube & photobucket are being very annoying lately with uploading stuff.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Backtage at at Taylor Swift Concert From 60 Minutes Overdrive

Taylor Swift on Responsibility as a Role Model

Last night 60 Minutes did a special Taylor Swift. I'm still looking for the entire video because I was busy watching the AMAs so I couldn't watch. But I've found a few bits of the interview. This video bit was especially interesting. Here Taylor talks about how she views her role as a role model. Very cool.

Let me know if you agree with her statement about musicians on the radio raising the next generation. Let's chat!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

American Music Awards Post #1

Was anyone watching when Joe Jonas was talking on the pre AMA's show? I'm pretty sure he confirmed the the Jonas Brothers would be making music again this year. When asked what was going on with the Jonas Brothers he said that they were focusing on the solo stuff for now, but that they might be working on music early next year.

I'm a happy Jonas fan right now.

Watching the AMAs? Tweet at me @tuneintol and we can talk AMAs!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Graffit6 & Teen Wolf

Anyone here a fan of Teen Wolf on MTV? Graffit6's song "Calm the Storm" was featured on the super hot show. Check out the awesome song below.


Basically if you need a new playlist for this Friday afternoon it's all right here. Graffiti6 is guaranteed to be your new favorite band with their awesome sound, cute members, and adorable cover art.

Let me know what you think below!

F You

Here's a cover and a song that I absolutely love. F**k You is one of those songs no one can mess up. Check out Graffiti6's cover of Cee Lo Green's F**k You.

Yes, Another Adele Cover

I've had enough of Adele. I know it's like a cardinal sin to dislike Adele, but I'm just not a fan. Which means I'm just not a fan of covers of Adele either. There are very few that I can actually stand to listen to all the way through. But this one is an exception. Check out Graffiti6's cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" and if you like what you hear check out their new ep Green Month now available on iTunes for free!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Selena Gomez & The Scene Hit the Lights Video Teaser

Can I Got To Monte Carlo, Please?

By: Lauren Miller

Lately I have this new thing it's called "buying movies with the intention to watch them, but school gets in the way so I actually watch them several weeks later." Short title, no?

I had been wanting to see Monte Carlo since it came out this summer. This being Selena Gomez's second big screen movie and I being a total lover for Selena this was high up on my must see list. No matter how much I love her I was very skeptical of this movie. Just one read through of the synopsis and this movie sounds like a cute knock off of the Lizzie McGuire movie. But I think one thing that is truely different and unique about this movie is the style in which it is put together.

I'm a huge fan of old time, romantic comedies. I love Breakfast at Tiffanys and Gigi era type movies. Monte Carlo  just has the same air as these movies. The movie was cute and tasteful and a joy to watch. Sure the plot isn't worthy of an Oscar, but for a chick flick it was such a joy to watch. The thing that I really loved about this movie was the incorporation of values and organizations that Selena supports in real life. The whole movie was about love, adventure, friendship and a little mischief, but in the end there were little lessons to be learned from the characters. Like taking chances and straying from plans, appreciating what you have not what you have not, and the importance of volunteering and helping those less fortunate. If any other movie had made such obvious use of lessons as a part of the movie I would have thought it was cheesy, but because of what I know about the actresses in the movie this little lesson plug is super appropriate.

Overall this move gets a B. Now, where's the sequel?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yours Truly - Paradise Fears

Sanctuary - Paradise Fears

Paradise Fears Interview

Vampires + Band + Comic Books= A New Comic Series

In today’s world, basically everything is debatable. Constantly there are debates about music, politics, religion, college football, burritos, and nearly everything else. What’s the one thing that’s not debatable? The enormously grand popularity of vampires. Yes, you read that right.

So when a major record label decides to sign a band comprised of vampires for its next big thing, a slew of other majors step up to the plate as well – signing bands consisting of zombies, werewolves, and any other creatures you can think of.

Such is the world of PERFECT TEETH. Paper + Plastick Records’ latest and greatest foray into the world of comics sees writers Matt Anderson and Vinnie Fiorello (P+P owner) taking shots at popular culture and the music industry. Perfect Teeth is the name of the vampire band, and not only does the group exist in the comics, beginning with introductory issue Perfect Teeth #0, but it exists in real life, too – sorta.

Fiorello, Stephen Egerton (Descendents, ALL) and Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River) met up and recorded a song “by” Perfect Teeth, which will be released later this month. Perfect Teeth #0 is a conjunction release between P+P and Viper Press, and the Peter Wonsowski-illustrated comic can be downloaded for free here.

The introductory issue also comes in a limited physical form, which can be purchased here. These are limited to 200 and at $3 each, are expected to move quickly. Fiorello and Anderson are available for interviews.