Monday, December 24, 2012

Diamond Youth Album Release Show

BY: Lauren Miller

On January 19, 2013 Baltimore's own Alternative Rock Band Diamond Youth will be putting on an album release show in support of their upcoming ep Orange, which is set to be released on January 22nd. 

The band will be joined by Turnover, Koji, The Here and Now, and Have Mercy for the night. Everyone who attends the show will also get a complementary copy of the new release.

For those unfamiliar with the band, they are a a quartet which sites Weezer, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and Beach Boys as some of their influences. The band calls Baltimore their home, but some of the members are also spread across the Chicago area. 

The band uses technologies such as 3-way iChat, garage band, and voice not files to practice & create the music they release. 

The new album was recorded by Baltimore based Brian Mcternan (Circa Survive, Hot Water Music, The Movielife) and is sure to be a hit. 

Check them out on January 19th at the Charm City Art Spacein Baltimore, MD. 

For more information on the band check out:

Blacklist Royals & Red City Radio Release Free Christmas Song

BY: Lauren Miller

Check out this free Christmas song download from the bands Blacklist Royals and Red City Radio. Check out the song below & if you like what you hear you can add the song to your holiday playlist for free by clicking here.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Music Video Teaser: Cher Lloyd "Oath"

BY: Lauren Miller

I am really feeling the Cher Lloyd love today. So much awesomeness is happening for this lovely lady right now! Check out this teaser for her new music video for "Oath," which will make it's debut on Thursday! So exciting! 

Seriously though, can there be a contest where I can go shopping with Cher. That girl knows how to dress! Let me know what you think in the comments. Are you a Cher Lloyd fan?

Sticks and Stones Out Now

BY: Lauren Miller

So I don't have an official review of this album written yet because I'm still waiting for my copy via snail mail. But I do have a copy of the UK version and so with confidence I feel like I can recommend this album without actually having listened to it yet. 

If you like catchy, pop music with a little bit of edge this album most certainly is for you. If you're trying to jump on the UK bandwagon I'd say Cher Lloyd is the artist to start with. 

So hit up your local record or big box store and pick up a copy of Cher's new album Sticks and Stone. Make sure to check her out on the tele (I'm trying to be British there): October 2nd on Dancing with the Stars, October 4th on Live with Kelly & Michael and October 5th on the TODAY show.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Girl Friday Enters Contest

BY: Lauren Miller

One of Tune Into L's favorite bands My Girl Friday have entered the Opportunity Knocks contest to be on E!'s new show Opening Act. This could be a huge opportunity for the guys so if you have a minute between now and Sunday please click here and vote for My Girl Friday.

If the band stays in 10th place until the end of the contest the band will be reviewed by a panel of judges to appear on the show! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Kansas By The After Party

BY: Lauren Miller

If you haven't heard of The After Party by now I really have to wonder if you actually read this blog or not. I've been raving about these guys since I saw & interviewed them on Allstar Weekend's last tour on Valentines Day. 

Last week the guys released their new ep Kansas. After a few crazy days where the band experienced a little lineup change with losing Kenny and placing Brandon in the lead singer spot this release is certainly a high for the band. 

One thing that I always really love about TAP is that they're a mixture of my two favorite things- boy band and indie band. By this I mean their songs are very fun, catchy and all around pop-y, but they still feel like the small indie bands I like seeing live. 

Overall the ep is the perfect summer soundtrack. It starts the up beat, catchy song Waste the Day which is the perfect pick me up song that makes me think of long summer days spent laying in the sun or relaxing in bed with nothing important to do other than enjoying life and the company of others. This is also my favorite track on the ep.

The second track A Better Me is a great little break up ditty about moving on from a girl who doesn't want you for you. A perfect track for the end of summer break up with the summer fling. 

She pulls me in with her daisy duke smile. It's catchy lines like this that are sprinkled throughout the ep that are sure to make this one a staple for everyone's summer playlists.

Have you checked out Kansas by The After Party yet? Let me know what you think about the new ep.

The Piano Guys Cover: What Makes You Beautiful

BY:Lauren Miller

 I just found this cover via a friend on Facebook and it makes me feel really, seriously, super untalented. Check out this cover of One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful by the Piano Guys. Even if you hate 1D just listen and I swear your mind will be blown.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Work Out

BY: Lauren Miller

Hey readers! I've got a lot of really awesome posts coming up that I'm really excited to share, but I wanted to get on here quick and share my latest obsession with you.

So summer is here and like many girls I am always on the lookout for new workouts to help get my body in good summer shape. I get bored with work outs easily and I am very good at talk myself out of working out. So I need something that is fun and entertaining and that changes quite frequently to keep me excited and motivated.

Recently I found the site Blogilates on Tumblr and in a little over a week I have become obsessed. If you're unfamiliar with the YouTube channel it's star is Casey and she is an adorable, motivating firecracker. She has uploaded a little over a hundred videos to the site. They cover a complete range of body parts and sculpting exercises. What I really like about these work out videos are two things.

One they are super fun. Ok, so they are super painful, but at the same time they are super fun. If you haven't figured out yet...I love music. These workouts almost feel tailored to this love because she has a series called Pop Challenges where she takes a requested song such as The Wanted's Glad You Came or Cher Lloyd's Want You Back and she makes a body part specific challenge to go along with the song like Abs All Night Ab Challenge or the What Makes You Bootyful Butt Challenge.

And two they are super encouraging. Casey must just have some sort of intuition that she just knows where to include extra encouragement and not only that she knows just what to say to keep me moving. She knows that I want those Victoria's Secret Model Flat Abs and that Round Booty. And it certainly helps that the girl has the body that I want- slim, but toned and not super muscle-y.

Check out Casey's Youtube Channels here and here. Yup, there's two channels with lots of info. Let me know in the comments what you think of my latest obsession & let me know what you're currently obsessed with!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Yellowcard's 'One For The Kids' to be Released on Limited Edition Vinyl

BY: Lauren Miller

Just in time for post Warped Tour depression ShopRadioCast is releasing limited edition vinyl editions of Yellowcard's "One For the Kids." The vinyl will be available on August 21st and is available for preorder now at 

Here's all the info on the via press release on the album: 

One for the Kids was the third studio album by pop-punk band Yellowcard. It was originally released in 2001 via Lobster Records and is the first Yellowcard album to include Ryan Key as lead singer and guitarist.

Buy all 3 colors and save! Plus when you buy all three SRC guarantees that at least 1 of the 3 will contain the limited to 500 clear 7"

Vinyl Colors:
12" Color:
 White, Yellow (Pantone 100U), Orange (Pantone 123U)
7" Color:
 Clear (LTD 500, Randomly Distributed), Black

Vinyl Info:

 Catalog # SRC001
- Layout and design created by Michael Johansen
- Custom Gatefold Jacket with 7" Slit on left side to house Bonus 7"
- CMYK Insert/ Lyric Sheet
- Bonus 7" with the CD's bonus track "Rough Draft" and housed in a CMYK Glue Pocket
- Lacquers created by Dave at Lucky Lacquers!

Track Listing
Something of Value
Big Apple Heartbreak
October Nights
Rock Star Land
For Pete's Sake
Rough Draft (bonus track on 7")
[Hidden Track]

Friday, June 29, 2012

Everyone is Beautiful: Profile of Beauty is Sizeless

BY: Lauren Miller

I first became aware of this organization when Kail Lowry from MTV's Teen Mom tweeted about it a few weeks ago. My curiosity got the best of me and once I found out what the organization was all about I was hooked.  I love organizations that are all about giving people confidence in themselves & learning to love themselves for who they are. So whenever I find people who are trying to spread these ideas I love to support them.

Here's my interview with Katie who is the founder of this up and coming organization. After you've read the interview make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

Q- Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

A- I am 23-years-old, a wife, a photographer, and originally from Man, West Virginia. I often sign my name as K80 (it's a great conversation starter). Recent graduate of WVU Tech with my third degree, avid believer in living a lifetime packed with education, and I am still learning to flip an egg properly! 

Q- Why did you decide to start Beauty is Sizeless? Why is this cause so important to you?

A- I decided to start Beauty is Sizeless to help others facing difficult times in their lives. All to often I have heard of suicides, self mutilations, and poor health due to poor self esteem, abuse, and bullying in regards to body issues. 

"Beauty is Sizeless" is important to me because my adoptive father verbally abused me as a child and made it known I was "fat," amongst other things. At the time I was actually small. Up until the start of this year I battled depression and thoughts of suicide because of my troubled past. Now I am living life to the fullest, and I want to share my story and help as many people possible. No matter how bad it is at the time, NO one is worthless, and everyone is beautiful!

Q- What makes Beauty is sizeless different from other "Beauty" centered organizations/causes?

A- We're different because I can relate to the individuals I have come in contact with.  We all have a story to share, and I want to hear theirs! I'm just trying to do my part in making the world a more hopeful place.

Q- Where do you see your organization in 5 years? What would you like to accomplish with your organization?

A- In 5 years I would like to see "Beauty is Sizeless" as an International Non-Profit Organization and become a well known center of inspiration and education.  I hope to accomplish shifting the stereotype of "beauty," lowering suicides, bullying, domestic abuse, self mutilation, depression, and the like with this campaign. Changing the media's perception on beauty would be an amazing bonus!

Q- Do you have any upcoming plans for Beauty is Sizeless that you'd like to share details on? 

A- We are currently working on getting a website up and running. We are also working out details on how everyone can get involved, share their story, and help others.

Q- What do you think makes someone beautiful? Define Beauty.

A- Make up, hairstyles, clothes, and weight, are not what makes a person beautiful. A person's character and how they handle their journey through life is what makes them beautiful.

True beauty is when you look into someone's eyes and see nothing but a beautiful soul; a moment like that changes a person.

Q- How can people help out with your organization and/or your cause?

A- As we are still in the beginning stages, we are asking that everyone that can sends in their stories to They just might be featured on the upcoming website!

Q- Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers about Beauty is Sizeless.

A- No matter the struggles you may currently be facing never ever give up! You are all beautiful. If you ever feel like you have no one that loves or supports you, remember this: Your presence in this world matters!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting Better With Time

BY: Lauren Miller

Last night (June 23rd) was my 3rd time seeing the lovely Demi Lovato in concert. She played at the Hershey Park Star Pavilion (which, by the way is a cute little outdoor venue). This was her 5th time (if I counted right) playing in Hershey.

For those who don't know, Demi got her start on the Disney Channel playing along side the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock. She soon became a household name among the teen set coming out with albums, a tv show, Disney Channel original movies, and touring. That all came crashing down about a year and a half ago when she was sent to rehab to deal with issues of bulimea, anorexia, and cutting. For some young stars this can be the end of the road for their career and a one way ticket back to normal life. But Demi came back swinging with a new album, two tours, and a judging spot on The X Factor.

Ok, enough with the background story. Back to the current tour.

I never expect anything less than brilliance from Demi's performances. I really truely believe that she is one of the best female voices of our generation, not to mention she's an amazing song writer and she plays guitar and piano like a champ. But something that last night had that her previous performances I had seen didn't have was simplicity. The previous two tours I saw her on (the Camp Rock tour with the Jonas Brothers, and her Special Night with Demi tour) were very visually awesome- meaning there was a good deal of effort put into sets and outfits and choreography and anything else involved in the visual performance aspects of a concert. Last night there were no costume changes, no true choreographed dance moves, and a simple set. It was just Demi (and her band) on stage performing her songs. It honestly was one of the most intimate feeling shows and I feel like that by seeing her perform in this very simple way that I got to see her most true self and in turn became more connected to her as a peformer.

I also really enjoyed how candid she was with the inbetween chats. She flubbed the one time & forgot what she was going to say. Then she fell during a song and joked about it being her new move and that everyone should try it. I think these little imperfections made her show perfect. I really did get the vibe that she was trying to connect with her fans. I think she realizes that her struggles and the way that she has been so open and honest in sharing her struggles she is helping a whole generation of kids who are dealing with the same things she is. I think that is what makes her a powerful pop star, celebrity, and human.

If you get a chance definitely check out Demi on tour this summer. Check out her Facebook for tour dates and info.

I know that normally I have like 50,000 pictures to share from my concert experiences, but I don't know if it was the goosebumps from her performance or if I was just having a terrible photography night, but like 95% of my pictures came out as absolute crap so I'm just going to share a few of them. Hopefully next time I can get some better pictures of Demi.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Paradise Fears Single

BY: Liza Boodhansingh

Paradise Fears released their new single "Home" along with a music video for the song today. The song should be available on iTunes later today.

You can see Paradise Fears on tour this summer with Forever The Sickest Kids. Make sure to check them out if you have the opportunity!

July 11 - Juanita's, Little Rock, AR
July 12 - Outland Ballroom, Springfield, MO
July 13 - Mojoes, Joliet, IL
July 14 - Wooly's, Des Moines, IA
July 15 - Firebird, Saint Louis, MO
July 18 - The Vanguard, Tulsa, OK
July 19 - The Conservatory, Oklahoma City, OK
July 21 - Rock City Hall, Frisco, TX
July 22 - Warehouse Live, Houston, TX
August 8 - Rocketown, Nashville, TN
August 9 - A & R Music Bar, Columbus, OH
August 10 - Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights, OH
August 11 - The Loft, Lansing, MI
August 12 - The Mod Club Theatre, Toronto, ON
August 14 - Chameleon, Lancaster, PA
August 15 - Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY
August 16 - Crocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown, PA
August 17 - Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA
August 18 - Heirloom Arts Theatre, Danbury, CT
August 19 - Wildwood convention Center, Wildwood, NJ

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Song Teaser By Paradise Fears

BY: Lauren Miller Check out this new song teaser by Tune Into L favorites Paradise Fears. The song is titled "Home" and it comes out on June 26th!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sanctuary Mini Tour Weekend

BY: Liza Boodhansingh

Last weekend, I followed Paradise Fears' Sanctuary Mini Tour for three days. On Friday, June 1, Paradise Fears played a sold out show, the first show of the tour to sell out, in Philadelphia, PA at The Barbary. Philadelphia was the second night of the tour as well as the second sold out show. On June 2, the band played in Baltimore, MD at St. Johns Hamilton. On June 3, Paradise Fears played their third sold out show of the tour at The Studio at Webster Hall in New York City.

I normally would not go to see a band more than once on a tour, but after seeing Paradise Fears open for bands such as All Time Low and The Cab I knew seeing their headlining tour multiple times would be well worth the traveling. The show improved each night. I had been so used to seeing the band opening for other bands that I did not realize the full intensity of their fan base. The great thing about this headlining tour is that all of the fans are there mainly to see them. Hearing the crowd screaming the "Sanctuary" speech at the top of their lungs and following it up with an even louder "hallelujah amen" is enough to give you chills. I thought the crowd was deafening in Philadelphia, but New York City took it up another level. My ears rang for days after that show. I have never heard a crowd sing a song back so loud.

Day 1 - Philadelphia, PA
Josh Morgan
New County
Sandlot Heroes
Phone Calls From Home
Paradise Fears

Day 2 - Baltimore, MD
Clear For Takeoff
Sandlot Heroes
Phone Calls From Home
Storm The Beaches
Paradise Fears

Day 3 - New York City
Stealing Jade
Neighborhood Kids
Call Me Anything
Phone Calls From Home
Paradise Fears

If you have the opportunity, then I strongly suggest you check out one of their shows. There are only a few dates left.

June 10 - Firebird - St Louis, MO
June 16 - The Lodge - Robbinsdale, MN
June 17 - Eagles Club - Vermillion, SD

New The After Party Single

BY: Lauren Miller

Tune Into L favorites The After Party released a new single "Waste The Day" this week. Over here at Tune Into L we are huge fans of these super hot boys from Kansas and couldn't wait to hear the new single. If you haven't checked it out yet downloaded, put it on your ipod, head out to the pool, put this song on repeat and waste the day. Trust me.

The After Party's new ep Kansas is set to be released July 10th.

If you're in any of these places make sure to check out TAP live and share your story with us if you go!

Jun16            SixFlags        Saint Louis, MO                 
Jun20           TheConservatory    Oklahoma  City, OK           
Jun23            Six FlagsOver Texas          Arlington, TX                     
Jun29            Six FlagsNew England      Springfield, MA                  
Jun30           Jersey Stock2012    Paramus, NJ
Jul 13 – Elmhurst, IL – Fitz’s Spare Key (“Kansas” EP ReleaseParty)
Jul 14– Minneapolis,MN – The Beat(“Kansas”EP Release Party)

Benefit Concert with The Cab

BY: Liza Boodhansingh

On May 30, Aaron Carter hosted a benefit concert for the Hunterdon Central High School Art Department.

Nalani and Sarina
Ryan Cabrera
Aaron Carter
The Cab

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Up All Night Tour Videos.

BY: Lauren Miller I'm going to go ahead and post all of my Up All Night videos in one post so they're all put together and organied. Watch, enjoy, share, like, comment.

May 24, 2012 Patriot Center Fairfax, VA.

May 28, 2012 Susquehanna Bank Center. Camden, NJ.

Answering Twitter Questions Basically they all say my name. I didn't ask this question, but still Lauren's my name and they said it.

One Direction Infected

BY: Lauren Miller

I'm writing this at the risk of seeming like a suck up sappy fan, but I don’t care. This is my blog, right. I can sound however I want to. It’s been awhile since I wrote one of these show reviews, but I have some time and this one is worth it x100 so here goes.

Everyone seems to have their opinions of One Direction. (Probably not everyone, but still.) I’ve noticed that for the most part people absolutely love them or absolutely despise them. They’re either the best band in the history of music or the death of music; a beautifully created band of great guy friends or a commercially created bubble gum pop creation; the sweetest, most thankful guys next door or the most stuck up, high stung celebrities. You get the drift.

Honestly when I first found out about 1D I was on the con side or rather I had no real opinion of them and would have rather not created one. But when they opened up for Big Time Rush on their last tour it was inevitable that I would be seeing 1D and subsequently that I would be forming an opinion.

After seeing them 3 times in concert (once with Big Time Rush and twice on their current American Up All Night Tour) and meeting them at a cd signing I can say that I’m officially hooked on 1D. And it’s really, honestly for one reason: they are fun. Not to diminish their talent- between the five of them they have some of the most lovely voices I’ve heard live, but not even that is as awesome as their vibe when performing live. Sometimes when I’ve seen very talented, awesome bands sure the actual performance may be stellar and mind blowing, the guitar playing, the singing, the drumming, and whatever else makes a live music performance a music performance. But sometimes the performance feels stale, choreographed, and fake. While these three traits sound very boy band-esq they are certainly not descriptive of the 1D boy bands. Whether they are playing the part of the cute, fun, cheeky boy band or they are genuinely just those adorable and dorky boys they are on stage their energy is just purely contagious. If you’re frowning at a 1D concert you’re very obviously not paying attention or something. I’ve seen moms, dads, sisters, secret service men, people of a whole range of ages having fun at the few shows I’ve been to. That is what makes a live performance spectacular and makes me want to keep going back.

That’s all for now. Come back soon for my blog about sitting behind the president’s daughters at the Fairfax, VA show.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Forever Came Calling on Tour Soon

BY: Lauren Miller

Who here has seen the Warped Tour Documentary No Room For Rockstars? If you answered no..go watch it and come back later. For those who have seen it, remember the band that followed warped tour around to promote their band and in the end go a chance to play one song on the Kevin Says Stage? Well, they're going on legit tour this summer in support of Hawthorne Heights in June and With the Punches and State Champs in July/August.

Check out the dates below and go out to support this band. They seriously deserve it!

Upcoming Tour Dates
(June 1st - July 13th w/ Hawthorne Heights
July 15 - August 5th w/ With The Punches andState Champs)

May 30          TheVine        Ottumwa, IA                      
May 31           Penny Road Pub   Barrington, IL                     
Jun 01           The Auricle Canton, OH  
Jun02            Edinboro CampusEvent CenterErie, PA      
Jun03            Water StreetMusic Hall Rochester, NY
Jun04            Pro Music Center Buffalo, NY    
Jun05            Rusty NailBar and Grill  Stowe, VT                   
Jun06            The ChancePoughkeepsie, NY          
Jun07            Providence Social Club Providence, RI        
Jun08            HeirloomArts Theatre Danbury, CT     
Jun09            VibeLounge Rockville Centre, NY      
Jun10            The RecherTheatre Towson, MD         
Jun11            Shaka's Virginia Beach, VA                  
Jun12            Long Branch Saloon Knoxville, TN       
Jun14            JuanitasLittle Rock, AR    
Jun 15           Trees Dallas, TX      
Jun16            The GreenRoom San Antonio, TX      
Jun17            Scout Bar Houston, TX                
Jun18            OpenGate  El Paso, TX                         
Jun19            Launchpad Albuquerque, NM Tickets           
Jun20            TheUnderground Phoenix, AZ             
Jun21            TheCashbah San Diego, CA               
Jun22            Key Club West Hollywood, CA 
Jun23            On TheRock Bakersfield, CA                
Jun24           Pioneer  Santa Cruz, CA 
Jun26            Branx  Portland, OR         
Jun27            VeraProject Seattle, WA
Jun28            A Club Spokane, WA      
Jun29            Sunset Barand Grill Casper, WY                      
Jun30            Velour Provo, UT               
Jul 01            Hi Dive Denver,CO          
Jul 06            TheScene-Ary Wichita, KS         
Jul 07            Hitts  Herrin, IL         
Jul 08            THMV Terre Haute, IN      
Jul 09            Hatch Evansville, IN                     
Jul 10            Pitters Cafe and Lounge Cape  Girardeau, MO     
Jul 11            Hoosier DomeIndianapolis, IN 
Jul 12            Tourism BuildingWhitesburg, KY           
Jul 13            The Loft         Poughkeepsie, NY
Jul 17            SmilingMoose         Pittsburgh, PA        
Jul 20            GrogShop   Cleveland, OH      
Jul 24           FUBAR            St Louis, MO

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kids in the Street Tour

BY: Lauren Miller

Earlier this month I had the awesome pleasure of seeing the All American Rejects and A Rocket to the Moon on their co-headling Kids in the Street Tour. The show I went to was in Baltimore, Maryland at one of my all time favorite venues Rams Head.

Let me first start this review with saying that more tours need to be set up like this one. And by this I mean co-headling with two acts...and that's it two acts. It's not that I don't love opening acts. I do love seeing new bands, but sometimes when there's four or five bands playing a show that can make for a long night. By the time you get to the performance of the headliner sometimes I'm too tired to even enjoy the performance OR the sets are so short that there's barely enough time for each band to play a decent amount of songs. But since this tour only have two bands playing there was ample time for both AAR and ARTTM to play songs.

Another plus was the fact that the bands had time to hang out afterwards. It was really cool to just chill and talk to the different band members in a nonstressful, chill way. Who knew the All American Rejects would be so nice and chill to talk to. Okay, I'm going to stop using the word chill now.

So other than hanging out and having two bands playing this tour was an overall awesome show. This was only my second time seeing A Rocket to the Moon and it certainly won't be my last. Their overall vibe is southern, rock and their stage presense and songs are just so quality.

The All American Rejects were also pretty awesome. I honestly had no idea what to expect from them. I feel like everyone in their early twenties grew up listening to their songs from "Gives You Hell" to "Swing Swing." Their songs legit were my middle school experience. Getting to see them some 10 years later was so bizarre and yet just so perfect. And again overall just a quality performance.

Hopefully both bands will be coming back to Baltimore soon so I can experience their music again.

Check out my photos from the show below and make sure to share this blog with your friends!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pioneer Tour

BY: Liza Boodhansingh

The Maine played at Croc Rock on May 8. Arkells and Lydia opened for The Maine.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hot Chelle Rae - 4/17/12

BY: Liza Boodhansingh
Hot Chelle Rae headlined at Lafayette College on April 17 for the college's spring concert.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Girl Friday Loses Guitarist And Announces East Coast Dates

Earlier this week Tune Into L favorites My Girl Friday announced that their longtime guitarist Logan Thayer would be leaving the band. In a statement from the band they said,

As we have mentioned, we have a lot of announcements regarding our band. Some of them good, some of them, well, different. First of all, as always we want to thank everyone for the continuing support that we receive from everyone, day in and day out. It is amazing. 

As some of you may know by now, Logan has decided to leave My Girl Friday. This is not on bad terms, and this is not going to tarnish the friendship we have with him in any way. As a band, we have been discussing some steps we want to take musically and where that will put us in terms of touring and everything else that goes with it. Logan realized that the direction we have decided to take did not blend with where he wants to be going. He has joined another group of talented artists and we wish them all the best. We ask that you do the same. Logan will be missed by us and many others, but we are happy that he will using his humor and talent to light it up with another group. 

You can read a personal statement from Logan here:

On a more positive note, we will be going on tour this May! As we announced a few weeks ago, we will be playing alongside The Early November, The Ready Set and more at Raleigh Palooza in North Carolina on May 5th. We decided it wouldn't be fair to all our East Coast fans to drive all the way from Arizona for one show, so we decided to play a few more before we come back home. We'll be visiting some cities we already have, as well as playing some new ones! More dates will be announced this week so stay posted! We'll be bringing out a good friend of ours to fill in for Logan ;)
Midwest and West Coast, we'll be seeing you shortly as well. 

Love always,
Justin, Tyler, Ryan & Vic

We wish Logan all the best! If you're on the East Coast check out these upcoming tour dates for My Girl Friday. 

May 5th - Raleigh Palooza (Raleigh Convention Center) - Raleigh, NC (w/ The Early November, The Ready Set & more)

May 11th - Radiant - Nutley, NJ (w/ Glory Days, Mitchy C & more TBA)

May 12th - The Middle East Club - Cambridge, MA (w/ Phone Calls From Home, Glory Days & Mitchy C)
May 13th - The Space - Hamden, CT (w/ Glory Days, Mitchy C & more TBA)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Give Your Heart A Break teasers

By: Lauren Miller

I think Demi can go ahead and give our hearts a break and just release this video already. 

In case you've missed the teasers for the video for Demi's second single off her album "Unbroken." I've reposed them below.

Are you excited to see the full video on Monday? Leave me love in the comments.

New Music From Rocky Loves Emily

By: Lauren Miller

I feel like Rocky Loves Emily is one of those bands I always meant to listen to, but just didn't for one reason or another. I just came across the video for the title track off their upcoming cd Secrets Don't Make Friends. Check out the video below.

I can easily see this song becoming a big part of my summer 2012 playlist. The new album, also of the same name, drops April 24th. Make sure to check that out. 

The band will also be touring to support their LP release. The tour will also feature Phone Calls From Home and Taylor Thrash. Check out the dates below:

April 7- DallasTX- Six Flags
April 8- Lousiana
April 9- Mississippi
April 10- MariettaGA- Swayze’s
April 11- Nashville, TN- The Rutledge
April 12- Virginia BeachVA
April 13- BaltimoreMD
April 14- BoontonNJ- Canvas Clash
April 15- PhildealphiaPA- The Troc
April 16- Rockville Center, NY- The Vibe Lounge
April 17-Hamden, CT- The Space
April 18- E. Wareham, MA- 3065 Live
April 19- Middletown, NY- Sounds Asylum
April 20- AllentownPA- Croc Rock
April 21- LondonOH- Club Soda
April 22- Indianapolis, IN- The Irving Theater
April 23- Evansville, IN- The District Skatepark
April- 24- Sauget, IL- Pop’s Concert Venue

Graphic Novel + Band + Vampires= Perfect Teeth

By: Lauren Miller

Any graphic novel fans out there? I just got a link for a FREE download of the new graphic novel Perfect Teeth. The novel was written by Less Than Jake drummer Vinnie Fiorello. 

The graphic novels follows a music group of vampires who make it big once they sign with a major record label.

You can download the graphic novel for free here

In the novel the band makes it big with the song "Perfect Match," which the writers decided to make into a real life song, which you can hear over at

Let me know what you think about the Graphic novel & song. 

New Album Alert: Love Stories and Other Musings

By: Lauren Miller

This new album alert is for the rock fans. Check it out, multi-platinum rock band Candelbox has a new album out April 3rd (next week). 

If you don't know much about the band check out some info below from a press release: 

Produced by Ken Andrews (Pete Yorn, A Perfect Circle, Tenacious D, Beck), Love Stories & Other Musings features nine new tracks and will include five bonus tracks, re-records of hits including "Far Behind" and "Cover Me." Pre-order for the new album is available at 

The enthusiasm for this new record is not just reserved for the fans, "Years ago I read something that changed the way i look at EVERYTHING! It struck so deeply that I have never forgotten it. It simply stated, "without music, life would be a mistake." I've never forgotten it, even when i was struggling to find a song or a melody it kept me searching and frankly I could not imagine my life without it [music]" says lead vocalist and co-founder, Kevin Martin. "This record for me is no mistake, it is our music and our love for what a great gift we have been given. Love Stories & Other Musings is a new direction for us and I couldn't be happier to share it with our fans."

"I haven't felt this way about a release from Candlebox since our first record. The feeling for this record is both refreshing and stimulating," said guitarist Peter Klett. "I can't be more excited to release this music to the fans who have been with us for so long."

After signing to their new label AudioNest/Fontana, Candlebox are carving their own role in today's modern music scene, thanks to the support of their loyal fans. They have spent much of the past 5 years playing stateside and abroad for troops and appearing at festivals on multiple continents.

Check out a preview of the album's vibe from their single "Believe In It" embedded below.

The band will also be out on tour this spring to support their new album. Check out dates below. And let me know what you think of Candlebox in the comments.

Sat, April 07                Pensacola, FL                Cap'n Fun
Tue, April 10               Jacksonville, FL              Mavericks
Wed, April 11              Atlanta, GA                   37 Main
Fri, April 13                 Charlotte, NC                 Fillmore
Sat, April 14                Myrtle Beach, SC            House Of Blues
Tue, April 17               Charleston, SC               Music Farm
Thu, April 19               Ft. Lauderdale, FL          Culture Room
Fri, April 20                 Tampa, FL                    Jannus Live
Sat, April 21                Orlando, FL                   Florida Music Festival
Tue, April 24               Winston-Salem, NC         Ziggy's
Thu, April 26               Philadelphia, PA              Chameleon Club
Fri, April 27                 Allentown, PA                Crocodile Rock
Sat, April 28                Nashua, NH                  Boston Billiard Club - Outdoors Festival
Mon, April 30               Washington, DC            Fillmore
Thu, May 03                New York, NY               Gramercy Theater
Sat, May 05                 Asbury Park, NJ            Stone Pony
Thu, May 10                Syracuse, NY               Wescott Theater
Fri, May 11                  Pittsburgh, PA              Altar
Sat, May 12                 Flint, MI                      Machine Shop
Wed, May 16               Cleveland, OH              House of Blues
Fri, May 18                  Ft. Wayne, IN              Piere's
Sat, May 19                 Detroit, MI                  Emerald Theater