Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Up All Night Tour Videos.

BY: Lauren Miller I'm going to go ahead and post all of my Up All Night videos in one post so they're all put together and organied. Watch, enjoy, share, like, comment.

May 24, 2012 Patriot Center Fairfax, VA.

May 28, 2012 Susquehanna Bank Center. Camden, NJ.

Answering Twitter Questions Basically they all say my name. I didn't ask this question, but still Lauren's my name and they said it.

One Direction Infected

BY: Lauren Miller

I'm writing this at the risk of seeming like a suck up sappy fan, but I don’t care. This is my blog, right. I can sound however I want to. It’s been awhile since I wrote one of these show reviews, but I have some time and this one is worth it x100 so here goes.

Everyone seems to have their opinions of One Direction. (Probably not everyone, but still.) I’ve noticed that for the most part people absolutely love them or absolutely despise them. They’re either the best band in the history of music or the death of music; a beautifully created band of great guy friends or a commercially created bubble gum pop creation; the sweetest, most thankful guys next door or the most stuck up, high stung celebrities. You get the drift.

Honestly when I first found out about 1D I was on the con side or rather I had no real opinion of them and would have rather not created one. But when they opened up for Big Time Rush on their last tour it was inevitable that I would be seeing 1D and subsequently that I would be forming an opinion.

After seeing them 3 times in concert (once with Big Time Rush and twice on their current American Up All Night Tour) and meeting them at a cd signing I can say that I’m officially hooked on 1D. And it’s really, honestly for one reason: they are fun. Not to diminish their talent- between the five of them they have some of the most lovely voices I’ve heard live, but not even that is as awesome as their vibe when performing live. Sometimes when I’ve seen very talented, awesome bands sure the actual performance may be stellar and mind blowing, the guitar playing, the singing, the drumming, and whatever else makes a live music performance a music performance. But sometimes the performance feels stale, choreographed, and fake. While these three traits sound very boy band-esq they are certainly not descriptive of the 1D boy bands. Whether they are playing the part of the cute, fun, cheeky boy band or they are genuinely just those adorable and dorky boys they are on stage their energy is just purely contagious. If you’re frowning at a 1D concert you’re very obviously not paying attention or something. I’ve seen moms, dads, sisters, secret service men, people of a whole range of ages having fun at the few shows I’ve been to. That is what makes a live performance spectacular and makes me want to keep going back.

That’s all for now. Come back soon for my blog about sitting behind the president’s daughters at the Fairfax, VA show.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Forever Came Calling on Tour Soon

BY: Lauren Miller

Who here has seen the Warped Tour Documentary No Room For Rockstars? If you answered no..go watch it and come back later. For those who have seen it, remember the band that followed warped tour around to promote their band and in the end go a chance to play one song on the Kevin Says Stage? Well, they're going on legit tour this summer in support of Hawthorne Heights in June and With the Punches and State Champs in July/August.

Check out the dates below and go out to support this band. They seriously deserve it!

Upcoming Tour Dates
(June 1st - July 13th w/ Hawthorne Heights
July 15 - August 5th w/ With The Punches andState Champs)

May 30          TheVine        Ottumwa, IA                      
May 31           Penny Road Pub   Barrington, IL                     
Jun 01           The Auricle Canton, OH  
Jun02            Edinboro CampusEvent CenterErie, PA      
Jun03            Water StreetMusic Hall Rochester, NY
Jun04            Pro Music Center Buffalo, NY    
Jun05            Rusty NailBar and Grill  Stowe, VT                   
Jun06            The ChancePoughkeepsie, NY          
Jun07            Providence Social Club Providence, RI        
Jun08            HeirloomArts Theatre Danbury, CT     
Jun09            VibeLounge Rockville Centre, NY      
Jun10            The RecherTheatre Towson, MD         
Jun11            Shaka's Virginia Beach, VA                  
Jun12            Long Branch Saloon Knoxville, TN       
Jun14            JuanitasLittle Rock, AR    
Jun 15           Trees Dallas, TX      
Jun16            The GreenRoom San Antonio, TX      
Jun17            Scout Bar Houston, TX                
Jun18            OpenGate  El Paso, TX                         
Jun19            Launchpad Albuquerque, NM Tickets           
Jun20            TheUnderground Phoenix, AZ             
Jun21            TheCashbah San Diego, CA               
Jun22            Key Club West Hollywood, CA 
Jun23            On TheRock Bakersfield, CA                
Jun24           Pioneer  Santa Cruz, CA 
Jun26            Branx  Portland, OR         
Jun27            VeraProject Seattle, WA
Jun28            A Club Spokane, WA      
Jun29            Sunset Barand Grill Casper, WY                      
Jun30            Velour Provo, UT               
Jul 01            Hi Dive Denver,CO          
Jul 06            TheScene-Ary Wichita, KS         
Jul 07            Hitts  Herrin, IL         
Jul 08            THMV Terre Haute, IN      
Jul 09            Hatch Evansville, IN                     
Jul 10            Pitters Cafe and Lounge Cape  Girardeau, MO     
Jul 11            Hoosier DomeIndianapolis, IN 
Jul 12            Tourism BuildingWhitesburg, KY           
Jul 13            The Loft         Poughkeepsie, NY
Jul 17            SmilingMoose         Pittsburgh, PA        
Jul 20            GrogShop   Cleveland, OH      
Jul 24           FUBAR            St Louis, MO

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kids in the Street Tour

BY: Lauren Miller

Earlier this month I had the awesome pleasure of seeing the All American Rejects and A Rocket to the Moon on their co-headling Kids in the Street Tour. The show I went to was in Baltimore, Maryland at one of my all time favorite venues Rams Head.

Let me first start this review with saying that more tours need to be set up like this one. And by this I mean co-headling with two acts...and that's it two acts. It's not that I don't love opening acts. I do love seeing new bands, but sometimes when there's four or five bands playing a show that can make for a long night. By the time you get to the performance of the headliner sometimes I'm too tired to even enjoy the performance OR the sets are so short that there's barely enough time for each band to play a decent amount of songs. But since this tour only have two bands playing there was ample time for both AAR and ARTTM to play songs.

Another plus was the fact that the bands had time to hang out afterwards. It was really cool to just chill and talk to the different band members in a nonstressful, chill way. Who knew the All American Rejects would be so nice and chill to talk to. Okay, I'm going to stop using the word chill now.

So other than hanging out and having two bands playing this tour was an overall awesome show. This was only my second time seeing A Rocket to the Moon and it certainly won't be my last. Their overall vibe is southern, rock and their stage presense and songs are just so quality.

The All American Rejects were also pretty awesome. I honestly had no idea what to expect from them. I feel like everyone in their early twenties grew up listening to their songs from "Gives You Hell" to "Swing Swing." Their songs legit were my middle school experience. Getting to see them some 10 years later was so bizarre and yet just so perfect. And again overall just a quality performance.

Hopefully both bands will be coming back to Baltimore soon so I can experience their music again.

Check out my photos from the show below and make sure to share this blog with your friends!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pioneer Tour

BY: Liza Boodhansingh

The Maine played at Croc Rock on May 8. Arkells and Lydia opened for The Maine.