Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Direction Infected

BY: Lauren Miller

I'm writing this at the risk of seeming like a suck up sappy fan, but I don’t care. This is my blog, right. I can sound however I want to. It’s been awhile since I wrote one of these show reviews, but I have some time and this one is worth it x100 so here goes.

Everyone seems to have their opinions of One Direction. (Probably not everyone, but still.) I’ve noticed that for the most part people absolutely love them or absolutely despise them. They’re either the best band in the history of music or the death of music; a beautifully created band of great guy friends or a commercially created bubble gum pop creation; the sweetest, most thankful guys next door or the most stuck up, high stung celebrities. You get the drift.

Honestly when I first found out about 1D I was on the con side or rather I had no real opinion of them and would have rather not created one. But when they opened up for Big Time Rush on their last tour it was inevitable that I would be seeing 1D and subsequently that I would be forming an opinion.

After seeing them 3 times in concert (once with Big Time Rush and twice on their current American Up All Night Tour) and meeting them at a cd signing I can say that I’m officially hooked on 1D. And it’s really, honestly for one reason: they are fun. Not to diminish their talent- between the five of them they have some of the most lovely voices I’ve heard live, but not even that is as awesome as their vibe when performing live. Sometimes when I’ve seen very talented, awesome bands sure the actual performance may be stellar and mind blowing, the guitar playing, the singing, the drumming, and whatever else makes a live music performance a music performance. But sometimes the performance feels stale, choreographed, and fake. While these three traits sound very boy band-esq they are certainly not descriptive of the 1D boy bands. Whether they are playing the part of the cute, fun, cheeky boy band or they are genuinely just those adorable and dorky boys they are on stage their energy is just purely contagious. If you’re frowning at a 1D concert you’re very obviously not paying attention or something. I’ve seen moms, dads, sisters, secret service men, people of a whole range of ages having fun at the few shows I’ve been to. That is what makes a live performance spectacular and makes me want to keep going back.

That’s all for now. Come back soon for my blog about sitting behind the president’s daughters at the Fairfax, VA show.

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  1. I used to be highly annoyed by those fangirls who gushed about 1D all over the place, thus refused to jump on the bandwagon and like the group. But just a few days ago I checked em out and actually can't get their songs out of my head! And am absolutely stunned by Zayn's hotness ♥_♥ puahaha