Friday, June 29, 2012

Everyone is Beautiful: Profile of Beauty is Sizeless

BY: Lauren Miller

I first became aware of this organization when Kail Lowry from MTV's Teen Mom tweeted about it a few weeks ago. My curiosity got the best of me and once I found out what the organization was all about I was hooked.  I love organizations that are all about giving people confidence in themselves & learning to love themselves for who they are. So whenever I find people who are trying to spread these ideas I love to support them.

Here's my interview with Katie who is the founder of this up and coming organization. After you've read the interview make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

Q- Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

A- I am 23-years-old, a wife, a photographer, and originally from Man, West Virginia. I often sign my name as K80 (it's a great conversation starter). Recent graduate of WVU Tech with my third degree, avid believer in living a lifetime packed with education, and I am still learning to flip an egg properly! 

Q- Why did you decide to start Beauty is Sizeless? Why is this cause so important to you?

A- I decided to start Beauty is Sizeless to help others facing difficult times in their lives. All to often I have heard of suicides, self mutilations, and poor health due to poor self esteem, abuse, and bullying in regards to body issues. 

"Beauty is Sizeless" is important to me because my adoptive father verbally abused me as a child and made it known I was "fat," amongst other things. At the time I was actually small. Up until the start of this year I battled depression and thoughts of suicide because of my troubled past. Now I am living life to the fullest, and I want to share my story and help as many people possible. No matter how bad it is at the time, NO one is worthless, and everyone is beautiful!

Q- What makes Beauty is sizeless different from other "Beauty" centered organizations/causes?

A- We're different because I can relate to the individuals I have come in contact with.  We all have a story to share, and I want to hear theirs! I'm just trying to do my part in making the world a more hopeful place.

Q- Where do you see your organization in 5 years? What would you like to accomplish with your organization?

A- In 5 years I would like to see "Beauty is Sizeless" as an International Non-Profit Organization and become a well known center of inspiration and education.  I hope to accomplish shifting the stereotype of "beauty," lowering suicides, bullying, domestic abuse, self mutilation, depression, and the like with this campaign. Changing the media's perception on beauty would be an amazing bonus!

Q- Do you have any upcoming plans for Beauty is Sizeless that you'd like to share details on? 

A- We are currently working on getting a website up and running. We are also working out details on how everyone can get involved, share their story, and help others.

Q- What do you think makes someone beautiful? Define Beauty.

A- Make up, hairstyles, clothes, and weight, are not what makes a person beautiful. A person's character and how they handle their journey through life is what makes them beautiful.

True beauty is when you look into someone's eyes and see nothing but a beautiful soul; a moment like that changes a person.

Q- How can people help out with your organization and/or your cause?

A- As we are still in the beginning stages, we are asking that everyone that can sends in their stories to They just might be featured on the upcoming website!

Q- Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers about Beauty is Sizeless.

A- No matter the struggles you may currently be facing never ever give up! You are all beautiful. If you ever feel like you have no one that loves or supports you, remember this: Your presence in this world matters!

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  1. love the interview, very said that so many people out there have to be subjected to abuse.