Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Kansas By The After Party

BY: Lauren Miller

If you haven't heard of The After Party by now I really have to wonder if you actually read this blog or not. I've been raving about these guys since I saw & interviewed them on Allstar Weekend's last tour on Valentines Day. 

Last week the guys released their new ep Kansas. After a few crazy days where the band experienced a little lineup change with losing Kenny and placing Brandon in the lead singer spot this release is certainly a high for the band. 

One thing that I always really love about TAP is that they're a mixture of my two favorite things- boy band and indie band. By this I mean their songs are very fun, catchy and all around pop-y, but they still feel like the small indie bands I like seeing live. 

Overall the ep is the perfect summer soundtrack. It starts the up beat, catchy song Waste the Day which is the perfect pick me up song that makes me think of long summer days spent laying in the sun or relaxing in bed with nothing important to do other than enjoying life and the company of others. This is also my favorite track on the ep.

The second track A Better Me is a great little break up ditty about moving on from a girl who doesn't want you for you. A perfect track for the end of summer break up with the summer fling. 

She pulls me in with her daisy duke smile. It's catchy lines like this that are sprinkled throughout the ep that are sure to make this one a staple for everyone's summer playlists.

Have you checked out Kansas by The After Party yet? Let me know what you think about the new ep.

The Piano Guys Cover: What Makes You Beautiful

BY:Lauren Miller

 I just found this cover via a friend on Facebook and it makes me feel really, seriously, super untalented. Check out this cover of One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful by the Piano Guys. Even if you hate 1D just listen and I swear your mind will be blown.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Work Out

BY: Lauren Miller

Hey readers! I've got a lot of really awesome posts coming up that I'm really excited to share, but I wanted to get on here quick and share my latest obsession with you.

So summer is here and like many girls I am always on the lookout for new workouts to help get my body in good summer shape. I get bored with work outs easily and I am very good at talk myself out of working out. So I need something that is fun and entertaining and that changes quite frequently to keep me excited and motivated.

Recently I found the site Blogilates on Tumblr and in a little over a week I have become obsessed. If you're unfamiliar with the YouTube channel it's star is Casey and she is an adorable, motivating firecracker. She has uploaded a little over a hundred videos to the site. They cover a complete range of body parts and sculpting exercises. What I really like about these work out videos are two things.

One they are super fun. Ok, so they are super painful, but at the same time they are super fun. If you haven't figured out yet...I love music. These workouts almost feel tailored to this love because she has a series called Pop Challenges where she takes a requested song such as The Wanted's Glad You Came or Cher Lloyd's Want You Back and she makes a body part specific challenge to go along with the song like Abs All Night Ab Challenge or the What Makes You Bootyful Butt Challenge.

And two they are super encouraging. Casey must just have some sort of intuition that she just knows where to include extra encouragement and not only that she knows just what to say to keep me moving. She knows that I want those Victoria's Secret Model Flat Abs and that Round Booty. And it certainly helps that the girl has the body that I want- slim, but toned and not super muscle-y.

Check out Casey's Youtube Channels here and here. Yup, there's two channels with lots of info. Let me know in the comments what you think of my latest obsession & let me know what you're currently obsessed with!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Yellowcard's 'One For The Kids' to be Released on Limited Edition Vinyl

BY: Lauren Miller

Just in time for post Warped Tour depression ShopRadioCast is releasing limited edition vinyl editions of Yellowcard's "One For the Kids." The vinyl will be available on August 21st and is available for preorder now at 

Here's all the info on the via press release on the album: 

One for the Kids was the third studio album by pop-punk band Yellowcard. It was originally released in 2001 via Lobster Records and is the first Yellowcard album to include Ryan Key as lead singer and guitarist.

Buy all 3 colors and save! Plus when you buy all three SRC guarantees that at least 1 of the 3 will contain the limited to 500 clear 7"

Vinyl Colors:
12" Color:
 White, Yellow (Pantone 100U), Orange (Pantone 123U)
7" Color:
 Clear (LTD 500, Randomly Distributed), Black

Vinyl Info:

 Catalog # SRC001
- Layout and design created by Michael Johansen
- Custom Gatefold Jacket with 7" Slit on left side to house Bonus 7"
- CMYK Insert/ Lyric Sheet
- Bonus 7" with the CD's bonus track "Rough Draft" and housed in a CMYK Glue Pocket
- Lacquers created by Dave at Lucky Lacquers!

Track Listing
Something of Value
Big Apple Heartbreak
October Nights
Rock Star Land
For Pete's Sake
Rough Draft (bonus track on 7")
[Hidden Track]