Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Music Video Teaser: Cher Lloyd "Oath"

BY: Lauren Miller

I am really feeling the Cher Lloyd love today. So much awesomeness is happening for this lovely lady right now! Check out this teaser for her new music video for "Oath," which will make it's debut on Thursday! So exciting! 

Seriously though, can there be a contest where I can go shopping with Cher. That girl knows how to dress! Let me know what you think in the comments. Are you a Cher Lloyd fan?

Sticks and Stones Out Now

BY: Lauren Miller

So I don't have an official review of this album written yet because I'm still waiting for my copy via snail mail. But I do have a copy of the UK version and so with confidence I feel like I can recommend this album without actually having listened to it yet. 

If you like catchy, pop music with a little bit of edge this album most certainly is for you. If you're trying to jump on the UK bandwagon I'd say Cher Lloyd is the artist to start with. 

So hit up your local record or big box store and pick up a copy of Cher's new album Sticks and Stone. Make sure to check her out on the tele (I'm trying to be British there): October 2nd on Dancing with the Stars, October 4th on Live with Kelly & Michael and October 5th on the TODAY show.