Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This Song Will Be My Summer

I think we can all agree that The Summer Set is just one of those bands that has gotten better over time. By that I mean that this is a band that I am legit growing up with during my young adult years. 

Their first album, Love Like This, came out my freshman year of college. The album was fun, spunky party anthem laced and really captured the spirit of a kid going off into the "real world" as an adult for the first time. 

Their second album Everything's Fine showed a more grown up approach in their song writing. Where the first album was fun and party-like their sophomore album was filled with heart break and a little sadness.

So far I've heard "Fuck You Over," "Boomerang," "Maybe Tonight," and "Lightning in a Bottle" off their up coming album Legendary. This album is the perfect mix of their first two albums. There's one part funny, sassy energy from LLT and then there's one part a more mature take on youth a la EF from their second album. 

In less than a week we'll be able to jam to the whole album. For now here's the recently released lyric video for "Lightning In A Bottle." Let us know what you think about the song in the comments.

New Music Video: Demi Lovato Heart Attack

Yesterday on E! News Demi Lovato premiered her new music video for "Heart Attack." The single is the first off her upcoming release Demi. 

The video features a softer white image of Demi covering herself in black paint while singing along with a contrasting darker image of Demi dressed in all black with dark makeup where she is performing the song along with a band.

Check out the video here and let us know what you think.

Will this song be your summer jam or is there something else burning up your playlist?