Monday, March 16, 2015

No More Excuses For Me

I've read a lot of diet books. There is so much information out there about health, fitness, and well being that it can get pretty overwhelming to know what's what. For me personally I like taking bits and pieces from all over the place to create my own personalized plan for health success.

When I got the book the No More Excuses Diet I didn't have any background knowledge on Maria, but I turned to the author section of the book cover and I saw a picture of her planking with three young children on her back. I thought, Clearly this woman A- means business and B- knows what she's talking about. 

The book covers both the diet and exercise elements of a fitness journey. Maria breaks everything down into 3's. 
3 Days. 
3 Weeks. 
3 Months.

My favorite part about her approach is that she really focuses on the goal setting aspects of a health and fitness journey. A lot of books will lay out what you're supposed to do with plans that certainly work, but they forget the mental process of achieving health and fitness goals. They don't give you a plan for how to catch your head up with what you want your body to do. This is where Maria's approach is different. 

My other favorite part of this book is the section in the back of different strength training and stretching exercises along with the home workouts in chapter 6. She gives very doable, but effective workout routines that are perfect for someone who is looking to get themselves into fitness. At $26 for the book this is a much better deal for a busy person than any gym membership, session with a trainer, or a meeting with a nutritionist. 

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  1. Lauren, I agree completely with you! I found Maria's book to be completely doable, and very inspirational!

    I'd love for you to hear your thoughts on my impressions!