Sunday, April 26, 2015

Feminist Model for Life

There's something really gratifying in reading about the kind of woman you want to be from a woman who is everything you imagine your life to grow into. Kate Bolick is a 40 year old "spinster," as the title of the book would elude to. But unlike the reaction this declaration would receive in a small town like my own, Bolick sets out to put a positive spin on the notion of being a "spinster." In the same way that Mindy Kaling, Jennifer Close, and Katie Heaney made me feel okay for not having this natural propensity for being the "normal," "mainstream" marrying type woman, Bolick shows how it is okay to put yourself, your career, and the building of your own life first.

Here first person stories about her life as this so called "spinster" personality are real, relatable, witty, and intelligently written. This book is definitely not dumbed down for the average reader, she shows smart, intellectual choices in her references to Betty Friedan and others who either directly or indirectly influenced her life choices.

With her direct references to feminism in the past with feminism now this book exemplifies why it is so important to appreciate what we have as women "spinsters" and to see the value in being able to act in this role without as many negative connotations as we might have experienced in earlier decades.

Overall I give this book a very high rating. It's not a book to sit down and read on a Sunday afternoon as it warrants more time and attention than that. But it is a must read for the modern feminist. 

I received a copy of the book Spinster  from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review. Thanks for the good read guys! 

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