Sunday, April 12, 2015

Relatable, Pretty, Fun Introduction to Fitness

When I first became interested in bettering my health and fitness I became a follower of Casey Ho. Her workout videos are fun, easy to understand and are so uplifting that I almost forget about the horribly painful soreness and good pain that I experience when I'm doing her workouts.

When I found out Casey was coming out with a book I was ecstatic. There's only so much you can learn from a person on the inter webs. To have a physical book of her thoughts and teachings in my hands sounded like a powerful concept. She certainly did not disappoint. 

From my perusal of the front and back cover I knew this book was going to deliver the same kind of relatable, happy fun that Casey exudes on my computer screen. For goodness sakes the woman is smiling from ear to ear while doing planks in some arctic location. I often times think that she is just as dedicate to happy as she is health & fitness. Which is an amazing trait to have.

Next I looked at the recipes. I had seen a video preview of her recipes on her site and I was so jazzed to try the pancakes with berry applesauce... until I saw the cheesecake. 

One of my favorite aspects of her book is accessibility. You don't need hundreds of dollars in workout equipment to do her exercises. You need a yoga map, which honestly you can get for less than $10. You don't need to spend outrageous amounts inexpensive, healthy foods. All of her recipes are divided into you can choose your ingredients according to what will be in season. 

For anyone who is looking to start a fitness journey, this book would be the holy grail. Casey will give you motivation, exercises, recipes, meal plans, and even a little history on Pilates in 248 pages. Oh, and did I mention the Gingerbread Fonuts? 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Blogging for Books. 

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