Monday, August 24, 2015

Coolest Journal Ever

My latest book review book is probably my favorite book that I've gotten from Random House. The book is called "Q&A a Day for Creatives" Basically the book has 365 questions, one designated for each day of the month. There's room designated throughout the book to repeat each question for four years. 

Questions vary in the types of information they would invoke from "Illustrate one item you purchased today" to "Look up today's date online to see what famous people were born on this day. Draw a birthday greeting for one of them."

The way the journal pages are set up there's enough room to draw, paint, write, really to express your answer in any way that you deem to be fit. 

Unlike reviewing other books I can't really report back on how good this book is for the fact that I still have 1,460 more days of using this book to go, but it is a really awesome book for anyone young or old. 

I received this book from in exchange for my honest review. Thanks for the great read guys!

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