Monday, August 3, 2015


I'm going through a bit of nostalgia lately. My last Thrift Books haul included lots of memoirs and biographies by female child stars from the 90's. The first book I decide to read was Danielle Fishel (more affectionately known as Topanga from Boy Meets World).

The book looked rather promising. Danielle is on the front with a cute dress on that is "ruined" by a melting, messy ice cream cone. The books follows Danielle's story through her time auditioning for Boy Meets World, her experience dating Lance Bass, her wedding, and her life with her pups.

On one hand there wasn't anything especially juicy in her book. No crazy behind the scenes stories from BMW. No real crazy stories about being a celebrity. I think the most surprising thing I learned about Danielle in this book was that she worked a few seasons at Bloomingdales. But I think that was the endearing aspect of this novel.

Unlike other child actor memoirs it wasn't about drug abuse, finding religion, or crazy orgy at her former place of employment. This book was literally about a normal, often times awkward, woman who grew up on screen as every 90's girls' role model and every 90's guys' crush. It was extremely refreshing to read about someone who didn't always get everything she wanted right away (in fact she almost didn't play Topanga!). She wasn't (isn't) always perfect nor does she claim to have this picture perfect Hollywood life.

Overall I would recommend this to any 90's girl who's looking for a nice summer afternoon read.

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