Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Book Review: The Sleep Revolution

As a grad student with multiple jobs I know all too well the experience of putting off sleep for other activities. In her new book The Sleep Revolution Arianna Huffington attempts to redefine the importance of sleep in a culture that is always go, go, go.

 The book begins with a section that introduces us to the sleeping issues that many of us deal with. By defining the sleep crisis, the reader is prepped for the second section that gives us tips for how to move forward with healthier sleep patterns. The Appendixes in the end of the book gives very good resources including a Sleep Quality Questionnaire, guides for mediation, guides for sleeping in hotels, and a guide to mattresses.

Overall Huffington's book gives very good tips and interesting insight into the common problem of sleep deprivation. I'm hoping that after reading this book I will be able to incorporate some of Huffington's tips to improve my own sleep patterns.